Dakuten (What’s That?)

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Dakuten is like the main hiragana alphabet with a quotation(“) mark by it.

Well more like the Ka(G), Sa(V), Ta(D), and Ha(Ba, Pa) Hiragana.

Here is the catch, the Ha Hiragana has not only a

quotation mark, but a degree(°) mark as well.


Hiragana Characters (There’s More Than One?)

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The picture on the bottom shows all the Hiragana Characters. What is Hiragana? It’s like the (english) alphabet, with more letters. I’ve reconized thirty (a-ho), and I’am memorizing the rest. Q: What was your reaction to the chart?

Hiragana Chart

Hiragana Pattern (To Much Thinking!?)

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Hiragana is known as “hard kanji’

Pronounciation of it is quiet easy :

(In Romaji)

a – ah – car

i – eee – key

u – ooo – moo

e – eh – edge

o – oh – joe

Japanese = 1< More Languages…Say What?

June 23, 2011 § Leave a comment

Japanese consits of more than one type of language. Well, its kind-of like an all-in-one language (talking about japanese). There is…

*Romaji ~ Some-what like the english alphabet (A, B, C, etc.)

*Hiragana (Picture On Top) ~ Foundation (Verbs, Suffixes, etc.)

*Katakana ~ More angular and sharp version of Hiragana (with the same sounds) and used to write foreign words (Roma=Rome in Romaji)

*Kanji ~ Chinese letters that make up the Japanese language (most of the Japanese vocabulary)


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