How To Say No!!!

August 14, 2011 § 2 Comments

In my latest blog, I disscused how to say “YES” in Japanese. This time it is “NO”. No in japanese is IIE (いいえ). DESU (です) means “it is”. JYAARIMASEN (じゃありません) means “it is not”. Lets use it with a japanese word! SHINBUN (しんぶん) is Newspaper in japanese. SHINBUNDESUKA (しんぶんですか) means Newspaper, it is? IIESHINBUNJYAARIMASEN (いいえしんぶんじゃありません) means “No, Newspaper it is not” or “No, it is not a Newspaper”.


§ 2 Responses to How To Say No!!!

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